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January 18, 2019

Riedel Glassware – the perfect choice

Riedel is the creator of the world’s finest wine and spirits specific glassware.
Hospitality Products are delighted to be the sole wholesale supplier of these products to the hotel and restaurant sector in Ireland.

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According to Time Magazine, “The Riedel family has never had its name printed on any wine bottle. And yet this Austrian family of masters of the art of glass-making have contributed more to the joy of all wine lovers over
the past 50 years than almost any wine-making dynasty.”

With an unquestioned pre-eminence in the world of wine, and a growing reputation as a maker of outstanding glasses from which to enjoy spirits, Riedel has become a byword for the philosophy on which it has built its success: form follows function.

Riedel’s wine products are adored by those who love elegant, stylish designs that work. Their decanters help wine to aerate and open up, so that the aromas and flavours can be fully appreciated, whilst being works of art in their own right.

Owning Riedel glassware identifies the consumer as a connoisseur of life’s luxuries and a wine lover. Their products complement a lifestyle of decadence and indulgence, but also an appreciation of wine’s complexity and the intricacy of design. As Georg Riedel says; “the glass becomes the wine’s ‘loudspeaker’ to transmit the message of the beverage to the human senses”. Like a brilliant speaker will enhance the experience of listening to music, a brilliant glass will fine tune the experience of drinking wine.

7 Points about Riedel in the Hospitality Sector

1. We believe that Riedel is the standard setter – the perfect first impression gives security to the customer, emanating understanding of the needs of the restaurant and the quality of the product to match.
2. Riedel is the only premium glass maker with a range designed specifically and exclusively for use in this sector.
3. Competitively priced.
4. Comprehensive range, suits all restaurants.
5. Our after sales programmes are, we feel, better than any in the industry, they are tailor made and can include Sommelier training and wine list matching. All are geared to enhanced experience for the customer and increased profit for the restaurant.
6. The best use of the iconic Riedel decanters gives the customer their wine in perfect condition at the table and makes the experience memorable and enjoyable.
7. Best practice covering the all-important perfect table top presentation, washing, polishing and table setting are regularly visited in training sessions

To find out more about these amazing products, you can download a brochure from our web site (registration required) or contact John O’Byrne for a personal consultation.