About Us

Hospitality Products was established some years ago, as a response to hotel and restaurant operators in Dublin looking for various items that they could not source.

Since then we have seen a constant increase in business, due to our ability to help understand the problems our customers have, and finding cost effective solutions from long established manufacturers.

John O’Byrne, owner of Hospitality Products, has a passion for sourcing specialist items for use in hotels, conference centres and restaurants. He is constantly travelling the globe in search of like-minded manufacturers, who are supplying innovative products, to the best establishments worldwide.

The aim of our business is to exceed your expectations for excellence and creativity. We try to use our extensive product knowledge to your benefit, and give your establishment a unique look, and at the same time we strive to give value for money.
As we travel looking for inspiration we use our extensive contacts in the industry worldwide to help us identify the emerging trends and innovative solutions to help drive efficiencies for the bottom line benefit of operators and owners.

Our staff come from a hotel trained background and understand the nature of your business, and the passion that all good operators in the hospitality industry must exhibit, to succeed. We are there to support and encourage everyone in the industry.

We are happy to rank among our clients such establishments as Four Seasons Hotel Dublin, Google Dublin and The Marker Hotel Dublin.

For further information or to arrange a personal consultation please contact us here