Pictured l-r – Matthias Muller IHI; Paul Boksberger; John O’Bryne Hospitality Products; Hugh Murray Classic Drinks.
January 7, 2019

Riedel Glassware & Hospitality Products recognise achievement

The Irish Hospitality Institute (IHI) is the professional body for managers within the hospitality and tourism industry throughout Ireland. At their Founder’s Banquet held in Dublin annually, they also bestow the annual Hospitality Management awards upon members of the industry. Nominations for these awards are proposed by the membership body itself. Each year the IHI bestow a lifetime achievement award, and this year Hospitality Products, together with Riedel Glassware, were delighted to have sponsored this accolade.

The 2018 recipient was Paul Boksberger, a catering professional with over 50 years of broad range management experience. Paul was involved for many years with National Catering, which merged with Sutcliffe Catering in the early nineties, and subsequently became what is know today as the Compass Ireland Group. Paul is a past president of the IHI and has served on the governing body of IT Tallaght.

Swan Decanter by Ridel Glassware available from Hospitality ProductsRiedel Glassware are the leading supplier of quality glassware to the Irish Hospitality industry. They are an 11th generation family owned glassware company basin in Austria. They are best known for their particular expertise in glassware specifically manufactured to enhance wines. We were delighted to present Paul with the Reidel Swan Decanter (pictured).

Sculpted in the image of the Trumpeter Swan, this decanter’s form takes wine service to extraordinary heights. Wine is poured in the wide opening in the “tail” and served elegantly through the long, slender neck. It’s an artful piece that will never stand idle. The generous base gives wine plenty of breathing space and the tail provides a comfortable grip.

Hospitality Products are delighted to supply the full range of Riedel glasses and decanters to the hospitality sector. These extraordinary glasses start in price for as little as only €3.25 each + vat

Contact John O’Byrne for further information on this superb range of products, or download a brochure here… and call us to discuss your requirements.